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The Reviews

"James- You gave me the work appropriate fohawk. Thanks much - this is exactly what I was looking for and perfectly fills the need for professional and party."

- Source: David, (Email to James, Barber, The Hoboken Man)

"I found this gem on Yelp. ALL gayness aside (because I'm reviewing a haircut place): this place is legit.

FACT: I always feel weird going to a "salon" and absolutely refuse to get cut at a corporate establishment.

With that being said, I met and recommend Cyntia (one of their professional stylist). She knows what she is doing. She gave me a great cut. My girlfriend was pleased and I was surprised she did so well considering I have such an odd shaped dome piece. Thanks to her I feel fly again. They also do "clean-ups" between appointments to straighten your neck and lines which I really appreciate.

They also give A+ shaves and face trims. I think they do it better than me? Manicures and pedicures are available too but my man hood forces me to draw the line somewhere. Maybe I will venture down that road one day though since that place has such a manly atmosphere. Flat screens, sports and if I didn't know any better I would say I was at a cigar bar given the environment. I should have ordered a scotch.

Their website says it all... "

- Source: Davis J,

"We came to The Hoboken Man after following one of their best stylists Betty ann, there a few years back. Betty Ann always gives them a straight out of a magazine look that lasts and is easy to manage at home. The space is beautiful and service is wonderful, makes you want to spend all day there. "

- Source: Talia G.,

"Beyond my expectations!! I went in there expecting the typical overpriced barber shop, and ended up receiving a professional and phenomenal haircut. The woman are not only beautiful, but extremely professional, courteous, and polite. The surroundings are very comfortable as you are served a beer or glass of wine while you wait, and they have several televisions showing your favorite sports games. The price is right there with the competition, but the decor truly makes it worth every penny. I look forward to going back soon."

- Source: Jon R. ,

"This place is awesome. It was the first time I ever really got a consultation with a haircut and my barber gave me tips on how to style my hair. Some basic stuff- but it was nice to be told what products work best for my hair type. The straight razor on the back of my neck was a nice treat too- apparently that's a standard part of every cut. The front desk staff were super nice (and very nice to look at) and greeted me right away- and my appointment started right on-time. I'll definitely be back - and recommend this place to anyone looking for a new home for their hair."

- Source: Kannekt

"Very impressed with Hoboken Man. Great staff & great service. Highly recommend you going."

- Source: Living on the Hudson

"Went here to get a manicure and was pleasantly suprised. The manicure-pedicure area is divided from the rest of the barbershop so you're not on display like you would be at the regular nail places in Hoboken. The staff were friendly. I plan to go back."

- Source: Kannekt

"I thought this barbershop would be generic, like so many others in NYC and Hoboken. But it really wasn't. I walked in, the front desk person (who was rediculously hot) greeted me, took my coat and offered me a drink; then I was quickly greeted by the person who was going to cut my hair. No one has ever suggested that I do something different with my hair, and John did. He made a recommendation, I went with it. Awesome. Best haircut I've gotten in a while. Attention to detail really made a difference. I'd recommend this place to anyone wanting a comfortable, non-pushy environment. Be frank with your stylist and they will be frank with you."

- Source: J. R.

"I am not sure what the average Hoboken Man needs or expects, but he can expect top notch service in this place. Staff greet you energetically and dote on you from the minute you walk in the door. I'll be back for sure." Sean S.

- Source:

"The Hoboken Man completely fulfills its promise of a high-end salon just for men. I have never been happier with my hair, courtesy of Betty Anne.
Do yourself a favor and buy the annual membership upfront; you'll be coming back." Greg P.

- Source:

"Guys, you’ll definitely want to check out The Hoboken Man if you haven’t already. Offering phenomenal services including haircuts, shaves, facials, waxing, manicures and pedicures, this is the place to relax and emerge as one handsome Hoboken man!"

- Source:

"Beyond my expectations!! I went in there expecting the typical overpriced barber shop, and ended up receiving a professional and phenomenal haircut.The price is right there with the competition, but the decor truly makes it worth every penny. I look forward to going back soon." Jon R.

- Source:

"My skin's never felt better, and I've never felt better about myself." Robert B.

- Source:

"I took advantage of a haircut with Donna... According to their website, all haircuts include a “consultation,” which at first seemed absurd to me, because I couldn’t imagine what we could possibly consult about–all I wanted was a simple cut, not an extreme make-over. But Donna (and I suspect the rest of the staff from what I heard) was thorough beyond thorough, asking what products I use, how often I have my hair cut, even what kind of work I do (to see if I had to be conservative for a corporate job or if I could have a little more freedom with my style). The shampoo included a nice relaxing scalp massage, there was a second rinse-out after the first cut, and the cut itself was great and exactly what I asked for." Jason J

- Source: