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November 8, 2009 - New Hoboken salon offers men upscale service

The Hoboken Man, which opened its doors in October 2009, gives its clients a classic barbershop experience with all the services of a high-end salon.

Located at Maxwell Place, Toll Brother’s prestigious Hoboken waterfront property, The Hoboken Man is the premier place to go for any man who wants to look his best.

“Hoboken is inundated with salons ultimately geared toward women,” said co-owner Dan Hood. “We saw that Hoboken men wanted an upscale place to get their hair cut- not the typical, female-centric salons that populate Hoboken. We’re filling that void.”

Dan Hood, along with Emily Gonce and Steve Holm—all Hoboken residents—designed the barbershop to meet that need.

The shop itself has a modern, masculine feel with richly stained wood panel walls, chrome accents, and exposed ductwork for an industrial flair. A set of eight flat panel high-definition televisions hang in optimal viewing areas around the shop. There is also a collection of vintage Playboy magazine covers displayed on the wall—including the first-ever cover featuring Marilyn Monroe.

The Hoboken Man offers clients everything from classic straight razor shaves with hot lather and precision haircuts, to spa manicures and pedicures, to anti-aging and deep cleansing facials.

“Once men see the benefits of professionally maintaining their appearance, they’re hooked,” said Gonce. “We’re here to give them a premium experience every time they step into the barbershop.”

The quality of service found at The Hoboken Man is due in part to its experienced staff. Over 300 people were interviewed and only the best were hired. Owners leave the day-to-day operations to Heather Sarrecchia, who manages the talented staff of stylists, aestheticians and manicurists who have specialized expertise in mens’ grooming.

“Heather understands and believes in our collective vision for The Hoboken Man,“ says Holm. “The backbone of any business is intelligent, strategic, forward thinking management. Heather fits the bill.”

Hoboken Man owners include three finance professionals, Dan Hood, Steven Holm and Erik Connaughton; one federal lobbyist, Emily Gonce; and one high-end clothing designer, Jennifer Connaughton, owner of Ferd Kids.